• Schooling @ Home
  • Learning as We Teach


    They say the best way to learn is to teach; I know this to be true. Teaching my little ones has opened up a door to learning along side them. We aren’t just learning how to label the layers of the earth, read informational texts, or add with unknowns. We are learning more and more about […]

  • Schooling @ Home
  • To Co-op or Not to Co-op?


    One of the major reasons we moved away from the public education system and into learning at home was to be at home. It was also to get away from the demands of registrations, fees, schedules, and the rules/values of organizations. My one fear of homeschooling is lack of social opportunities. The answer — co-ops. […]

  • Schooling @ Home
  • Why I Chose to Homeschool


    Recently, I decided (with lots of nudging from God) to begin homeschooling my kiddos. It seemed like the most absurd idea ever because I didn’t want to spend any more time with my children, and honestly, I didn’t want the full responsibility of educating them on my shoulders. Being a military wife, family is far away, […]